No Wrong Door

For Support And Recovery

Supporting individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders and mental health challenges.



No Wrong Door for Support and Recovery Inc. supports persons who are transitioning from detention or treatment facilities 
and will enlist the aid of peer support, pastoral ministries, municipal/community organizations and other agencies/providers who support and assist persons who suffer from substance use and/or mental health challenges.

We provide community-based peer support and education. 

No Wrong Door for Support and Recovery Inc. will provide support for family members who have been affected by a loved one's struggles. 


Making A Difference


Second Chance Prime for Life

 No Wrong Door offers Prime for Life and Prime Solutions for inmates at the  Macon County Detention Center who want more effective prevention, education and treatment services. These (EBP) evidence based practices help to reduce the risk of health and impairment problems related to substance use and maintain ongoing remisssion from substance  use disorders 

Macon County Detention Center Program

No Wrong Door provides peer-led groups for the male and female population at the Macon County Detention Center. Offering WRAP Skills, Parenting with Love & Logic, and Peer Support.


"The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock." - Tony A Gaskins Jr.


Additional Services

  • One on One Support 

  • Recovery Education Groups 

  • Collaboration with County Health Department Telepsych Services

  • Resource Navigation 

  • Kinship Support Group (Second Timers) in Collaboration with Senior Service

  • Sharing Our Stories Support Group

Contact No Wrong Door

PO Box 1594

102 Thomas Heights Road

Franklin, North Carolina 28734